Editor-in-Chief: Lynn Ginsburg
Associate Editor: A. Smythe
Contributing Writers: A. Smythe, Algae, J. Doe
Business Executive: Kristi L. Allred-Gall
Design: Josef Pusedu

PeoplePlanet.me is a magazine devoted to exploring the next Wave of the Web: P2P and Social Networking. PeoplePlanet’s aim is to entertain, discover and inform how the technology and applications of social networking and P2P are rapidly and radically changing global society in the 21stcentury. While most magazines that cover these topics are dedicated to the technology behind it, or news about specific file sharing or social media sites, we’re fascinated with something entirely different: examining the impact the new medium is having on our identities, and our day to day lives. Our audience is both P2P and social networking devotees, as well as anyone intrigued with where this next iteration of the Web is taking us. We intend to explore the organic changes springing from the technology of P2P and social networking that are already shaping our lives, such as:

How is it affecting social interactions, both on and offline? How is it affecting globalization, in terms of cultures, friendships, economies, governments, etc.? Can P2P and social networking serve as a catalyst to successfully provoke political change in oppressive governments? How do P2P economies work, and how do they mesh with real world economies? Is P2P actually good for those who depend on copyright law, and is it superior for the content providers than old media models? Does social networking create new global affiliations and loyalties that transcend borders? How will nation states react when those borders in some sense become irrelevant in a virtual environment?

Another way to look at P2P is in the sense of People to People. As these mediums create relationships from one end of the globe to the other, for business, friendship, mutual interests, or working together in international cooperation, they are changing the very basis of our society: in a real sense we are all becoming one on a planetary scale. PlanetPeople.me intends to come along for the ride as these changes evolve at a breakneck speed. PeoplePlanet.me starts with each and every one of you, discovering how this new medium of P2P and social networking connects us all to each other, as one world, and one planet.

Inspired by an original concept by Emilio Velis and Lynn Ginsburg

PeoplePlanet.me is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License. This license applies to all of the original writing, music, and artwork that is posted to this site. Please be aware that third party material is included in much of the work here, cited where possible.  These works are likely licensed under different terms, and the CC-BY-NC 3.0 license may not apply to those works.

Per the attribution requirement of this license, please credit our material to either “PeoplePlanet.me Magazine” and, where possible, include a link to the original location of the content.  Do not use our work in any manner directed at pecuniary benefit or financial gain without permission.

If you wish to use this work in any other way, please contact us directly at peopleplanetme@gmail.com.

As our writings frequently report and critique existing works, we will occasionally post the works of others on the site in order to better comment on, criticize, advocate, or educate others regarding the work and its underlying performers. If your work is posted on the site and you wish it to be removed, please contact us at the above email and we’ll address those concerns.

We make no claim over the writings and posted content of comments posted by third parties in the magazine.

Some Rights Reserved.

Last updated October 2011.

Contact us: For general, press, or advertising inquiries, please contact us at: peopleplanetme@gmail.com


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