PeoplePlanet Issue 1


Welcome to the inaugural issue of Magazine. We’ll be bringing you entertainment features, thought pieces, and news and views with each issue that covers how the relatively new technologies of P2P and Social Networking are changing our planet. More»

The Pirate’s PredictionThe Pirate’s Prediction
Matt Mason, author of the best-selling book, The Pirate’s Dilemma, shares his views with us why piracy will now, and in the future, impact everything from the global economy, to the toppling of repressive governments.

A Haunting Tale: Interview with 13Ghosts
Interview with Brad Armstrong, lead singer/songwriter for the critically-lauded, Indie favorites 13Ghosts, about what happens when copyright law hurts, not helps, musicians.

Marshall McLuhanIt’s The Medium, Stupid!
Marshall McLuhan had both the fortune and misfortune of being born too early—he never got to surf the Web he predicted 30 years before its creation. We interviewed McLuhan expert Lance Strate on McLuhan’s prescient theories on the Web, and his manifesto, “The Medium is the Message.”

I.C.E.Chilling News From ICE
Surprise domain seizures by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are having a chilling effect on freedom on the Web.


Freedom’s Just Another Word–Time is All You Have to Lose
By J. Doe

Being on the bleeding edge of Web connectivity can have its downsides.  With a multitude of mobile devices, and an ever growing number of apps designed to keep you connected, you might start to feel that these devices are making your life far more complex than simplified. If so, there’s a new app, Freedom, that can help you straddle that fine balance between the extremes of being connected to the Internet on a multitude of devices 24/7, or at the other end of the spectrum, wearing wooden shoes and declaring yourself a Luddite.
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P2P Pick Pocket

DC Flash Rob (Theft)

A 30 second sample from store security video footage from a DC retailer shows the swarm move in, "shop", and run.

Coming to an ATM near you, it’s the latest social networking phenomena, the Flash Rob.

Back when the first Flash Mob suddenly appeared literally out of nowhere, it initially seemed to hold an intriguing new potential to mobilize groups of strangers to gather to an anonymous call to arms. However, like all novel ideas without much substance behind them, the Flash Mob enjoyed its day in the sun—starting from the humble beginnings of mobilizing 130 people to gather at a Macy’s department store in New York City pretending to buy a rug. Flash mobs peaked in popularity with the famous London subway Flash Mob disco dance, but the end seemed nigh with the final large Flash Mob event, “Worldwide Pillow Fight Day” in 2008.
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Palestinian Blogger Blocked from Arabic Blogger Convention

Rasha Hilwi, well-known journalist and blogger, and female Palestinian citizen of Israel, was recently refused a visa to Tunisa to the 3rd Arab Bloggers Meeting.
By Ayesha Saldanha

Rasha Hilwi

Palestinian blogger Rasha Hilwi (Photo credit: Ehab Shukha)

Rasha Hilwi, a Palestinian citizen of Israel, is a well-known and respected journalist and blogger. Recently, she was among a group of Palestinian bloggers refused visas to Tunisia in order to attend the 3rd Arab Bloggers Meeting that took place from October 3-6. Global Voices has interviewed Rasha, asking her about blogging, her work, and her feelings at not being allowed to attend the meeting.
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