Issue 01: Welcome!

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Magazine. We’ll be bringing you entertainment features, thought pieces, and news and views with each issue that covers how the relatively new technologies of P2P and Social Networking are changing our planet.

In this first issue, perhaps one of the keys to understanding how this new technology will have a profound impact on our day to day lives is in our article on Marshall McLuhan. McLuhan was a visionary who not only predicted the creation of the world wide web, but also future iterations of it, including technologies such as P2P and social networking. His predictions continue to unfold as to what exactly that will mean to each of us as individuals. We also examine the new business, economic, political and societal changes that are already taking place as a result of this new medium in our article, “The Pirate’s Prediction.” And as an ongoing feature with each issue, we will be speaking with musicians and other artists and content creators about their feelings about file sharing, and how they operate in this new medium. To that end, this issue includes a particularly intriguing piece on how copyright laws, capriciously applied, almost ruined the promising career of the critically lauded band, 13ghosts before it ever got started.

In addition, you’ll find several other articles shining a light into the connection between this technology, the entire world, and finally, you, the individual. That’s why we named our magazine as we did. This technology starts off by impacting non-technological aspects of the lives of each and every one of us, then groups of people connected by various commonalities that link them together, and finally, making it a reality that we are all truly interconnected on a planetary scale.

Check back often as we will be regularly refreshing the content, and giving you a front seat to come along on the dizzying ride as we try to keep abreast of the myriad ways our world is changing, and how that impacts YOU.

Lynn Ginsburg,


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